Bollore Matra Bluecar

bollore-blue-carIn 2016 Bollore Bluecars will be introduced to London as an instant rental all electric car, using the Autolib system already in use in Paris and spreading to Lyon, Bordeaux and even Indianapolis.

Curiously the UK motoring press has so far ignored this car which one can buy in France for €12,000 with a leased battery. The car promises 150 miles between charges which equals the latest late 2015  upgrade of the Renault Zoe. It’s the first commercial user of a solid state lithium metal polymer battery made by another of Vincent Bollore’s  companies, Avestor.

Although generally described as a Pininfarina design, the Bluecar actually does seem to have actually been designed by Philippe Guedon of  ‘Bollore Matra’. Pininfarina bought the remains of Matra after the Avantime disaster but they sold it again in 2009 so this may explain Guedon’s involvement.

Perhaps more important than who designed the car is that as well as being built in Italy the Bluecar is to built by Renault while a utility version, the Bluesummer, will be badged with the iconic Citroen Mehari name.  So here we have both major French car manufacturers working together to build something really worthwhile and using the rental market to publicise and test the cars before they sell them. It’s a home grown vehicle with no Japanese or Chinese input.

Matra heritage lives on with what could become an even more important and iconic vehicle than the Espace.