Farecla Smart UniBall Foam Polishing Ball 125mm


Farecla Smart UniBall Foam Polishing Ball 125mm SKU16426

The UniBall is a Foam Polishing Ball which is specially designed to quickly and easily polish a variety of surfaces. For use on alloy wheels, paintwork and headlight covers, the SMART UniBall speeds up the polishing process whilst reaching awkward areas such as spoilers, curved bumpers and spokes on alloy wheels. The UniBall consists of hundreds of foam ´¥æfingers´¥Æ which, as the ball spins, work their way into every crevice on a wheel. The UniBall attaches by a standard fixing to a household cordless drill, so no effort is required. When in use, the UniBall rotates and the foam fingers work with the contours of the surface to compress as required into difficult to reach areas. Simply gliding the ball over the surface leaves an immaculate finish in no time at all. The UniBall pack also doubles for use as a storage container. The pack is perforated which allows the user to return the UniBall to its pack immediately after using. The perforations allow the ball to dry whilst stored, ready for its next use

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