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4-Into-1 Manifold Murena 2.2

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Cast iron manifolds for the 2.2 were apparently all made with a fault as sooner or later they crack, always in the same place.

We developed this manifold many years ago but stopped selling them against competition from cheaper mild steel units which were claimed to be less prone to cracking. With lead having finally disappeared from petrol there is no problem of corrosion from the inside of mild steel units.

But with alternatives currently unobtainable we've put this unit back into production.

Stainless has come a long way over the past few years and I'm assured that it's probably less likely to crack than mild steel. Being stainless it's guaranteed against failure anyway.

We do suggest that engine mounts, stabiliser bushes and silencer mounts are in top condition to reduce the stress on the manifold.

The free flowing design allows for performance improvement over the iron manifold.

This 4-into1 and u bend are compatible with original silencers

2023 Update. Further refining has separated the pipes at the motor end and retained by springs at the silencer end allowing more movement.

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