Delivery Times and a new home for Matra Magic?

Due to Brexit we are finding delivery times are extended both within the UK and on export to Europe, and the couriers’ systems aren’t coping so it’s not always easy to track parcels anymore. Unfortunately the repercussions of Brexit are not going to go away, so we are very seriously considering moving Matra Magic to […]

European Deliveries

We are looking at using a system by which we can charge delivery, duty and VAT at checkout to avoid you being given additional charges when the goods are landed in your country. We didn’t vote for Brexit!

European Sales and 10% Discount

As we are sadly no longer in the European Union we should warn European customers that purchases may be subject to European VAT and Customs Duty. We are trying to mitigate this by marking everything as been manufactured in the EU. We are also putting a special offer in place, giving 10% off all orders […]

Autumn Update

This has been our busiest year in over 30 years of trading as Matra Magic. We are increasing stock to meet demand and continue to seek out both remanufactured and hard to find parts. Thanks to all of our customers for your continued support, it’s great that so many Matras are being looked after. The […]

New Inventory

We are currently increasing our listings, particularly of M530 parts where availability has recently improved massively. We’ve also catalogued a treasure trove of original small parts such as fixing nuts, bolts and clips. The part numbers show them to be genuine but we’re not sure where they’re used so we’ve introduced a Fixings Category. But […]


Good news! Matra spares are not made in China so there is no break in supply. If you’re locked down this may be the time to get out that sorry looking Matra from your garage and restore it with original and an increasing supply of remanufactured parts, ready to enjoy when this is all over. […]

EU – No change here.

Matra Magic has always been an international company, delivery parts around the World. In leaving the EU our UK politicians have made a stupid mistake but it does not change anything here and we will continue to export both to Europe and the wider World.

Parts Indexing

We are currently indexing the online shop by model to make it easier to identify what you require for your car. Once this is complete we’ll be adding to the stock list too! Picture taken at Matra’s Mortfontaine Test Track in 1998.

Peugeot 205 T-16

Although we don’t list many T-16 parts on this site we can still supply a lot of original and remanufactured parts for the cars. Please enquire with part numbers.