I first bought a Murena in 1988, requiring a French car which didn’t rust like my Citroen CX.

My brothers and I had all run first Citroen GS’s then CX’s at the same time but their enthusiasm for rust-free fibreglass Corvettes and Marcos’s  persuaded me that a plastic over galavanised Murena was my way forward

I’ve owned and worked on many  Murenas together with a Bagheera, an M530, a Rancho, and a 24V Grand Espace.

Eventually Citroen started to galvanise CX’s so I later ran a GTi Turbo 2 for several years. It shared the same van derived gearbox as the Murena 2.2 but the CX had the advantage of a very wide power band, so the awful ratios weren’t such a big issue.

Will Falconer