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Complete E-RACE BLACK 2021 Injection System

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Semi-finished wiring harnesses with connectors

Air and water temperature sensors
Complete assembly instructions in French & Free downloadable software.
USB2 communication cable.
The "BLACK" ECU opens the range for petrol engines. Capable of managing all 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6-cylinder naturally aspirated or supercharged engines, it has the computing power of the new processor and extended maps (24 speed steps, 8 load steps).
This ECU adapts to all magnetic or Hall effect speed sensors as well as to

most flywheels. Your existing throttle potentiometers and pressure sensors can also be kept, in most cases.

The self-protected power modules are integrated into the anodized aluminum box. Your injectors and coils are connected directly to the computer and the 3 multi-function auxiliary outputs do not require a relay, within the 3A limit. These auxiliary outputs are 100% configurable to manage: shift-light, warning-light, fuel pumps, Turbo or camshaft solenoid valve (On/Off or variable), progressive injection on 2 ramps, etc.

Thanks to its CAN BUS and its inputs for measuring the oil and gearbox temperature, the

oil pressure and the gear engaged, it easily integrates into a multiplexed architecture

integrating a dashboard or a data acquisition system.
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