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Matra Magic has always been an international company, delivery parts around the World.
In leaving the EU our UK politicians have made a stupid mistake but it does not change anything here and we will continue to export both to Europe and the wider World.

Replacement Headlamp Valve Murena and Bagheera

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Thank you to Mark Weiner in the USA for drawing my attention to this option and Geoff Keep in the UK for developing a kit.

The Matra system was never great, so we're pleased to be able to offer a kit to replace it which connects directly to the original hoses and wires.

This is cheaper than the original but should be totally reliable.

We are supplying this as a prebuilt kit with new hoses and wiring already in place.

As we've now produced quite a lot of these the design has been refined.

The switch blocks are screwed and cable tied together so the whole unit can be mounted using the bolt holes.

So it's 'plug and play': Remove the old unit, mount the new unit, attach the hoses, plug in the wires.

The original housing fits over it, so hiding the modern upgrade.

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